Neumünster Approvals

The yearly highlight for the Trakehner breed worldwide is the International Stallion Market of the German Trakehner Verband in Neumünster. Breeders, sellers, buyers, riders, trainers and friends of the Trakehner horse come literally from everywhere. The event consists of four straight days of nothing else but Trakehner horses. A new stallion crop is in front of the masses for evaluation and approval. And the best brood mare auction in all of Germany (no denying over that by any other breed registries, by the way!) is held on saturday afternoon. The selection of the annual "National Champion Mare" is an event not to be missed as well. This is the parade of all regional champion mares of one year. Elite foals of the year, and a selection of fine riding horses are also up for grabs over the weekend. If you have never been to "NMS", you won't understand what the hype is all about. It is a great experience and a superb way of getting in touch with Trakehner enthusiasts from around the world.

Latest update (October 2017):

Catalogs 2017 - Stallion candidates



The venue: Holstenhallen


The auction: Excitement


The Gala Show: Trakehner Fest


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