Trakehner Verband Spring Approvals 2014

Stallions for approval

The spring approvals are open to stallions of all ages. Stallions 4yrs old and older have to submit performance test results, appropriate for each age group. Stallion performance tests can be 30 and/or 70 day tests, Bundeschampionat performance and qualification or competition results. Here are the pedigrees of the 2014 candidates.

Pedigree charts: red = TB, green = Arabian, blue = Russian/East German

The 2014 stallion candidates

# 1 Adorator



Aspirant by Poprad

Orgietka by Cross xx


Kondeusz by Colombo

Cedula by Solali xx



Mangan xx by Dakota xx

Akolada by Dziwisz xx

Ala Flavia

Kerman by Labyrint xx

Agfa by Cardiff xx

Trakehner Mare Family of E7E Agrykola (Poland)

Breeder: Krzysztof Wojsiat, Poland

Owner: Marek Przeczewski, Poland

Born April 2011. No performance test.

# 2 Hattrick Go



Buddenbrock by Sixtus

Caro-Dame II by Karo As


Benz by Rockefeller

Europa II by Amiego *Ps*

Haifa Go


Bartholdy by Mahagoni

Maiglöckchen III by Tannenberg

Pr.St. Hama

Matador by Donauwind

Harpune II by Grimsel

Trakehner Mare Family of T14N2 Harda (Gestüt Birkhausen

Breeder & Owner: Trakehner Gestüt Gorlo, Melle, Germany

Born April 2011. No performance test.

For sale

# 3 Haldor



Hohenstein by Caprimond

Pr.St. Donaufürstin by Sokrates

Pr.St. Kaiserin

Lehndorffs by Marduc

Kandia III by Mahagoni



Rondo by Schabernack

Frieda III by Gelria

Halina III

Mahagoni by Pasteur xx

Helle by Hessenstein

Trakehner Mare Family of O388A Hulla (Hundsdörfer-Meckelstedt)

Breeder: Cornelia Podgorski, Grambow, Germany

Owner: Sonja Kretschmer, Warendorf, Germany

Born April 2011. No performance test.

For sale

# 4 Integral xx

Lando xx

Acatenango xx

Surumu xx by Literat xx

Aggravate xx by Aggressor xx

Laurea xx

Sharpman xx by Sharpen Up xx

Licata xx by Dschingis Khan xx

Incenza xx

Local Suitor xx

Blushing Groom xx by Red God xx

Home Love xx by Vaguely Noble xx

Irun xx

Surumu xx by Literat xx

Ilana xx by Windwurf xx

TB mare family of E14 (Oldfield Mare)

Breeder: Ferdinand Leve, Warendorf, Germany

Owner: Ferdinand Leve & Elke Kiewald, Heidekrug, Germany

Born April 2004. Record: 32 starts in 7 seasons from 3-9yr old, 9 wins, 4 places. Highest handicap 92.5kg. Earnings: 102,354.00 Euro

# 5 Diamant Sh.A.

Puschkin Sh.A.

Pamino Sh.A.

Bajar Sh.A. by Suakim Sh.A.

Pamina Sh.A. by Amor Sh.A.

Cäcilie Sh.A.

O'Bajan Sh.A. by O'Bajan X Sh.A.

Carmen II Sh.A. by Kuhaylan Zaid Sh.A.

Diema II Sh.A.

Koyano Sh.A.

Neron ox by Sport ox

Koheilan XXVI-9 Sh.A. by Koheilan XXVI Sh.A.

Bielka Sh.A.

Diem ox by Negatiw ox

Biala Sh.A. by 62 14 Dahoman IX Sh.A.


Breeder: Michael Vogler, Eichenzell, Germany

Owner: Doris Wehner, Kalbach, Germany

Born March 2003. Record: Approved with ZSAA, VZAP. Stallion performance test Ströhen, overall score 76%. Placings and wins at training level eventing and 1.15m show jumping. Won at 1.25m show jumping and placed at preliminary level eventing.

For sale